Dog Park

Gibson Ranch Dog Park

One of the main avails of any large, serene plot of land is for animals! Surrounded by a nation of dog lovers, it is important to us at Gibson Ranch Park to treasure our beloved pups and includes them in fun. Gibson Ranch Dog Park is home to an obstacle course made especially for your hound’s frolic! The park is open all year round, and one of the most favorable uses of our regulars is dog training! With no leash requirements at Gibson Dog Park, dogs are free to run and gallop however they please.

Many dog owners know the importance of giving a pup enough physical exercise in the day to wear off all that energy. Our Dog Park allows owners to teach simple cues like “sit,” “stay,” “come,” and “heel” to enrich a dog’s behavior and discipline. Necessary manner skills in our dogs are just as valuable as no jumping on the new people they meet or no barking every time the doorbell rings.

Socialization of dogs plays a significant role in reducing aggressive and antisocial behavior as they age into adulthood. Our large field and exhilarating obstacles make a pup-friendly place for socializing your dogs by helping them learn to be comfortable around each other in a welcoming and free space. A pup that can form positive and playful relationships with other dogs has a wider of an array of options for outdoor exercise. A dog who can easily slide in and out of social situations also makes it much easier on the owner when it comes to bringing him/her in public areas, such as a coffee shop or just a walk down a busy street.

For the pampered and prestigious pups, Gibson Ranch Dog Park is known for our venue of lively and spirited dog shows! Bring down your animal for play, training, and if their puppy charm is alluring enough, feel free to participate in some of the best Sacramento dogs shows here at Gibson Ranch Park!