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The first annual Pumpkin Festival at Gibson Ranch has exploded online with over 32,000 impressions within the first week.  We have printed 2000 flyers that are being distributed daily at Gibson Ranch Park.  We are in the process of getting our flyers approved to distribute to area schools.

Gibson Ranch Park has retained the marketing services of Forrest Consulting.  Forrest Consulting will cross promote your business via our social media page the days leading up to the event.


Our Approach

Our Pumpkin Festival is affordable family fun located close to the city; no need to spend extra money on gas, fight traffic,  and pay high prices.  Activities are budget-friendly and our pumpkins are $5 a piece, no matter the size! We want the surrounding community to enjoy our Pumpkin Festival without breaking the bank!


As this is our first Pumpkin Festival, there is no data regarding attendance available at this time.

Target Market

Through analysis, our primary target market is women and men 26-44 years.  These consumers have children and are interested in outdoor activities.

Secondary market, women and men 45-65 with grandchildren.