Dumping Pets at the Park

Gibson Ranch Park is a 325-acre park, equestrian center, wedding destination, fishing lake, and nature preserve. Within our 325 acre park, there are domestic and wild animals. The domestic animals include horses, chickens, peacocks, and cats. The acres contain multiple species of birds, turtles, otters, and COYOTES. However, pet owners have dropped off their unwanted pets at Gibson Ranch or called to ask if they are able to donate their pet–the answer is always, “No.”

Here is what happens when you “dump” an animal at Gibson Ranch Park.


Professing your “I do!” to your beloved should be unique without pressures or stress. A marriage ceremony is one of the most passionate and exciting events of a whole lifetime for many people. Even if one is not participating in the matrimony, attending an extravagant, decadent, and a romantic wedding is a memory that is treasured for years to come. Gibson Ranch Park is a Sacramento wedding venue whose expertise lies in the growing popularity of outdoor rustic wedding trends. Many couples dream of having a gorgeous and welcoming location for their special day and Gibson Ranch is here to offer that to couples ready to tie the knot!

Scavenger Hunt

Gibson Ranch Scavenger Hunt

  • Take a photo of a horse
  • Find a feather
  • Take a photo of a horse shoe.
  • Find 3 different types of trees
  • Selfie with a goat or sheep!
  • Selfie going down the slide.
  • Selfie with a directional sign
  • Photo of the Ranch House
  • Photo of the barn
  • Find a painted rock

Tips to Socialize your Dog

We have heard of the old saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Well, at Gibson Ranch Dog Park many certainly try and succeed! Socializing your dog is very important. Pups of all ages can easily be socialized with training.
Socialization is essential for dogs and makes life much easier for the owner. In public, your dog will most likely meet other animals. Proper training and socialization technics will reduce the risk of injury to your dog and others; creating a positive environment when walking, jogging, or hanging out in public.

Here are some tips to so socialize your dog:

Wedding Venues

Gibson Ranch Park is THE wedding destination in the Sacramento area, and couples are taking notice. Only miles away from the big city, our country setting offers the destination wedding experience without the extra travel expenses for you and your guests.  

Discover all your venue options at Gibson Ranch Park…


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