Equestrian Center

Horses Love it Here

Horses are some of the most beautiful, strong, and intelligent animals on Earth. They have worked with humans as partners and friends for thousands of years. The Equestrian Center at Gibson Ranch Park is a facility devoted to the care of horses, with a broad range of services designed to let you enjoy time with these magnificent animals.

Boarding and Horse Care

If you own a horse, the stables at Gibson Ranch Park will make a wonderful home for your friend. The stables offer both long-term boarding and overnight stays. Choose from different types of stalls and paddocks with affordable monthly packages, which include options for feeding, blanketing, mucking, and health monitoring.

Gibson Ranch has plenty of space to roam.  Our large, irrigated pastures ensure your horse has plenty of land to frolic, graze, and roll around.  Plus, horseback riding is easy; no horse trailer necessary with miles of trails in and around Gibson Ranch, just saddle up and ride!

All of our boarders have access to our facilities 24/7.  We have a large arena, a round pen, wash rack, farrier area, and trailer parking.  Everything you will need to keep your horse healthy and happy is found right here at Gibson Ranch.

Gibson Ranch Park is a public park, so your horse will be exposed to different environments during the daytime.  A variety of sounds, smells, and sights will help your horse build lifelong confidence and courage in different situations.

Trail Riding

Whether you board your horse at Gibson Ranch or bring your horse for a day visit, the best view of Gibson Ranch is from on top of a horse.  Open fields to explore, miles of trails, and streams for a cool down; horses love Gibson Ranch and you will, too.

The Gibson Ranch/Dry Creek Trail runs  along the perimeter of Gibson Ranch’s 325 acres.  On the trail you will discover Dry Creek, a variety of trees, terrain, and some of the most beautiful sights Gibson Ranch has to offer.

If you board your horse at Gibson Ranch it is easy to go for a ride, just saddle up and head out.  If you are bringing your horse into the park for the day there is a $10 entry fee for your truck and trailer.  Once you are in the park, you will find trailer parking near area 3 where you will have space to unload your horse and hit the trails.  The gates close at sundown, so please give yourself plenty of time to load up your horse and exit.

Gibson Ranch now offers guided trail riding!

Horse Boarding

Multi-Horse Pastures


– 2.5 to 3.5 acre irrigated pasture
– 5 horse maximum capacity
– Supplemented with Alfalfa hay Nov. through Mar.
– One main shelter

Dry Pasture


– 3/4 acre non-irrigated pasture
– 2 horse maximum
– Fed up to twice daily with alfalfa hay depending on horses needs
– One main shelter

Semi-Private Pastures


– 1 to 1.5 acre irrigated pasture
– 2-3 horse maximum capacity depending on pasture
– Fed up to twice daily with alfalfa hay depending on horses needs
– One main shelter

Pasture Paddocks


– Approximately 1 acre pastures, split between an irrigated section and a non-irrigated section
– Horses can be turned out on specified hours for limited grass exposure
– 2-3 horse maximum capacity depending on pasture
– Fed up to twice daily with alfalfa hay depending on horses needs
– Shelter in dry portion

Facility Amenities:

– Large arena with lights and sprinklers
– Community tack room
– Community grain room
– 24/7 access for boarders to their horses
– Direct access to miles of trails