Corporate Events

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Whether you are celebrating, training, or just meeting to talk shop with your peers, make business personal when your team gathers in the rustic, natural beauty of Gibson Ranch Park. The time spent together in an easy, relaxed environment will pay off huge dividends back at the office.

Company Parties

Major milestones deserve to be celebrated in style. Cheer when your business reaches a new plateau. Say goodbye to retiring legends. Welcome new faces. Give a reward for a job well done. Hosting an outdoor party in a beautiful setting like the wide open spaces, idyllic lakes, and natural landscapes of Gibson Ranch Park is the perfect way to rally your co-workers and have a great time.
Cater your event to make it even more special, and invite the families along to fill the day with warmth. The enormous and varied picnic areas can accommodate the smallest home business up to the biggest corporation.
You can also capture charming group photos to remind your team year-round that they are part of a winning organization.

Meetings in Nature

Professional industry gatherings don’t have to be held in a convention center. Host your meeting somewhere unique, like the pastoral, peaceful setting of Gibson Ranch Park. The fresh air and beautiful sights will help you achieve your meeting agenda without a hitch.

Specialized Training

The park is the ideal setting for highly specialized training in many fields. Law enforcement units can learn techniques specific to outdoor operations. A session in the park can also provide excellent athletic conditioning and opportunities for teamwork in joint challenges. Unique training for emergency responders and general first aid can teach you how to keep your cool in extreme outdoor situations.
Horticulturists and landscapers can use the park to promote a complex understanding of real world conditions for the design and care of plant life and public outdoor spaces.

Team Building

Build team unity with a special training session or seminar held in nature. Gathering together outdoors to share experience is an excellent way to get to know your co-workers outside of the stress of the office. Try a light wilderness adventure to bring out the best in your team, encouraging trust and light-heartedness. There’s even space at the park to hold a company campout, with 4-person cabins that will make everyone feel like an executive.