Tips to Socialize your Dog

We have heard of the old saying, “You can’t teach old dogs new tricks.” Well, at Gibson Ranch Dog Park many certainly try and succeed! Socializing your dog is very important. Pups of all ages can easily be socialized with training.


Socialization is essential for dogs and makes life much easier for the owner. In public, your dog will most likely meet other animals. Proper training and socialization technics will reduce the risk of injury to your dog and others; creating a positive environment when walking, jogging, or hanging out in public.

Here are some tips to so socialize your dog:

1. Introduce your pup to others while on leash
2. Stay alert and pay close attention to your dog’s actions
3. If you are unsure of your dog’s temperament around other dogs, use a muzzle at first.
4. If your dog is overly aggressive or not taking cues from other dogs, leash your pup and remove them from the dog park for a “time out.”
5. Give rewards and praise BEFORE leaving the dog park

Gibson Ranch Dog Park

Gibson Ranch Park’s dog park is accessible year round. Follow the sign just past the gate kiosk to drive into the parking lot to the right. Once you and your pup are inside the dog park gates, feel free to unleash your hound.

If you are interested in socialization, our dog park is bustling in the early morning and later in the evening before sunset. However, we have visitors all day long, and some may prefer to begin socializing when the park is not as busy.

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