No Dumping Pets at Park

Gibson Ranch Park is a 325-acre park, equestrian center, wedding destination, fishing lake, and nature preserve. Within our 325 acre park, there are domestic and wild animals. The domestic animals include horses, chickens, peacocks, and cats. The acres contain multiple species of birds, turtles, otters, and COYOTES. However, pet owners have dropped off their unwanted pets at Gibson Ranch or called to ask if they are able to donate their pet–the answer is always, “No.”

Here is what happens when you “dump” an animal at Gibson Ranch Park.

  1. Your pet is frightened; they do not know how to survive in the wild. Your pet will seek shelter in the neighborhoods surrounding Gibson Ranch. Other animals could attack your pet, it could end up in the shelter, or, if lucky, find a lovely home. Are you willing to take a chance?
  2. The best case scenario, your animal is caught by animal control and taken to an animal shelter to be adopted.
  3. Your scared and hungry pet could attack our chickens, peacocks, cats, or other birds for food. Never a pretty sight for our younger visitors to witness.
  4. Your pet spreads a disease to our animals and other wildlife. Infections may not be treatable, and the native animals may perish.
  5. Your pet survives and begins populating the ranch with their species, pushing native species out of their habitat. Take a walk around the turtle pond; there are very few native turtles.
  6. Your pet doesn’t make it through the first night. The prowling coyote population takes notice, and your pet is now easy prey for this and other predators.

You Have Options

There are other options besides dropping a pet off in the “wild” of Gibson Ranch.

  • Please ask friends and family if they would like your animal.
  • Use web resources to rehome your animal, please, make sure to vet the potential new caregivers.
  • You can take your animal to a shelter and surrender your pet.

We urge you to seek help through other channels and please do not drop off your animals at Gibson Ranch. Most of the pets that are dumped at Gibson Ranch end up dinner for predators, we see it all the time, and it is heartbreaking.

Here are a few resources to utilize:

The Shelter Pet Project:
Farm animal rescue: