Guided Trail Riding

Hit the trails with us!

The world is a much nicer place from the back of a horse. Come to Gibson Ranch for a little slice of heaven during one of our guided trail rides.  Our wranglers and horses are professionally trained and will take excellent care of you.  We will match the perfect horse for you and your riding level. After a quick riding lesson, our wrangler will navigate you through the miles of trails at Gibson Ranch Park. 

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1-hour Trail Ride/Lesson: $40

Horses are saddled and ready to ride during this 60-minute trail ride at Gibson Ranch. Our wrangler will give you a lesson based on your skill level before hitting the trails. Duration: 1-hour

2-hour Trail Ride/Lesson: $75

Similar to package B; your horse will be ready to ride.  After a lesson, you will ride the trails.  Duration: 2-hours.


2-hour Experience: $80

During this 2-hour experience; you will learn how to groom, inspect, and saddle your horse.  Afterward, you will enjoy a 60-70 minute ride.  This is the perfect way to spend quality time with the horse while learning the necessary skills for horse ownership.  Duration: 2-hours

Trail Ride

During your trail ride, our wrangler will take you through the miles of trails that surround Gibson Ranch Park.  You will experience nature from a whole new view.  You can choose between a 1-hour or 2-hour trail ride.  


Basic equitation lessons are offered during each trail ride.  Expect to learn how to properly mount and dismount your horse.  You will be taught how to sit in the saddle, handle the reigns, turn, and stop before setting out on the trails.


During your full horse experience expect to learn how to care for your horse.  Our wrangler will teach you brushing, combing out mane and tail,  picking feet, an anatomy lesson, feed, general care, health & wellness inspection, and proper tacking up.

Meet the Horses


Type: Paint Horse

Height: 15.2 hands

Age: 15

Favorite food: Carrots

Superpower: Quick Feet


Quarter Horse

Height: 14.2 hands

Age: 11

Favorite food: Corn Husk

Superpower: Moves at the speed of molasses


Quarter Horse

Height: 15

Age: 13

Favorite food: Carrots

Superpower:  Eyes of a hawk


Quarter Horse

Height: 15.1 hands

Age: 24

Favorite food: Pumpkins

Superpower: Crimefighter (Retired Police Horse)

Important Information

  • Guided trail ride by reservation only.
  • Trail rides available 7 am – 8 pm every day.
  • Riders 17 and under must be accompanied by an adult. NO exceptions.
  • Riders must weigh under 250 pounds. No exceptions.
  • Wear long pants, closed toes shoes only. Consider a hat and sunscreen.
  • No refunds. After we took your reservation, we turned other people down.
  • Horse chose by wrangler based on the experience of the rider.
  • Riders under the age of 13 may only ride in the arena.